Personal branding is something that every agent thinks about, but it’s much more than just the way you present yourself to the public. It’s everything you do–online and offline.

What you put out into the world reflects your personal brand-images, messages and content. A well-developed brand garners credibility. An inconsistent brand message reflects a lack of credibility and can be detrimental for your business. If you’re struggling with your personal branding, we’re here to help.

The following are common aspects that an unsuccessful brand lacks.

Lack of Niche.
There are so many real estate agents that buyers and sellers can choose from. The only way to stand out among the crowd is to differentiate yourself from the competition. Do you primarily work with sellers? Is commercial real estate your passion? Do you cater to a more affluent neighborhood? Having a specialty gives you more exclusivity and makes you more valuable as an agent.


Lack of Focus.
This piggybacks off the point above. As an agent, you’re always looking to take on more clients. It can be easy to take on too many clients who aren’t as serious about the end-game. A more successful agent focuses on a specific type of customers. Focusing on who you want to serve doesn’t weed out the opportunity to make more money, it actually gives you the opportunity to work with more quality clients and get a better return on your investment.


Lack of Authenticity.
Some people believe there is a type of personality that you must possess to be a real estate agent. That is not true. Agents come from all types of backgrounds and personalities. It’s about how you build your business that makes sense for you and your personality. You represent your brand at all times–staying true to yourself is the best business practice.

Lack of Consistency.

You want consistency across your online platforms so there is no confusion. That includes colors, taglines, logos and messages. Repetitiveness = memorability. Once you’ve got that down, start posting and blogging on a consistent schedule. Clients will view your online presence as a form of legitimacy.


Lack of Content.
If a client visits your website, do they get the real you? You should have all of your information readily available for clients so they can truly get to you know who you and what you’ve accomplished (Your name, summary, education, awards, etc.) Your site and social profiles are a direct reflection of you and your abilities. A lack of information = a lack of trust.

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