There’s a popular saying: You have one chance to make a first impression. And today, chances are that first impression happens online. The pressure to stand out among the crowd and make that good first impression is stronger than ever. One wrong picture, post or share can get you in hot water. It’s important to translate your professionalism in the workplace to your online presence.

Here are a 6 tips to ensure you make the best first (online) impression.

Hire a photographer.
Selfies are off limits when it comes to your agent headshot. Clients can’t take you seriously when you’re lounging on your couch next to a cheetah print pillow. Set up a session with a professional photographer to get your headshot done. It’s important to have a photo on your site so your client can put a face to the credentials. And if that headshot is a poor quality selfie, they’re likely to associate your work with that same quality.

Young bearded  photographer

Clean Up.
Have you ever visited a site and were so overwhelmed with the content? It makes you click the back button, never to return again? Don’t be that person! Keep your page clean and consistent with your goal–to gain and retain clientele. Don’t use unprofessional slang, and keep it light on the agent-speak (not everyone speaks your lingo). Remember who your audience is, and stay on message.

Targeted Customer in Bulls-Eye

Share your Specialty.
Every successful agent has a niche. It’s the unique selling point that separates you from the rest of the agents in your area. Hone in on your niche, then run with it. Brand and market yourself with your specialty. It can be anything from the green agent to the cabin connoisseur. It’s all about standing out in this business, and your specialty does just that.

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Set an Alert.
Do you know what people are saying about you online? Setting a Google alert allows you to stay on top of everything that’s circulating about you online. Staying in the loop and on top of any comments, complaints or articles puts you in control of the conversation.


Content is Key.
If a client visits your website, do they get the real you? You should have all of your information readily available for clients so they can truly get to you know who you and what you’ve accomplished (Your name, summary, education, awards, etc.) Your site is a direct reflection of you and your abilities. A lack of information = a lack of trust.

Time For New Content

Schedule and Track.
There’s enough on your plate without adding social media to the mix. Luckily, there are a lot of sites to help you create and schedule content online. CoSchedule is a great tool for getting all of your posts ready for the week. Instead of posting willy nilly, create a consistent schedule and carve out time in your day to schedule your entire social posts for the week.

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Treat your online presence as seriously as you would your reputation in person, because nowadays, there’s no difference. For more tips, check out Strategies for Working with Stubborn Sellers.