Summer is the busy season, but it’s important to not let the connection you share with your clients fall by the wayside.

It’s more important now than ever to remain in touch with your clients because, after all, they are your best marketing tool. Nothing is more valuable than word-of-mouth referrals.

These very simple tips are the key to reconnecting with past clients.

12413780-ringing-retro-phonePick Up the Phone.
Simple as that. A quick phone call can go a long way. Check in with them, get a conversation going and remind them what services you provide. Obviously their housing situation will be one topic of conversation. And with the great weather here to stay, there might be some projects they’re gearing up to tackle. Use this as an opportunity to refer them to a landscaper or house painter. Showing you’re still valuable after the sale is key to getting them to come back when they’re ready to get back on the market.

Write a Letter.
If you’re not as comfortable picking up the phone, sending a handwritten letter is a great alternative. This gets the ball rolling on communication so when you follow up with a call, it doesn’t seem as out of the blue.
Grab a Cup of Coffee.
Break bread with your clients over a cup of coffee. That face-to-face interaction establishes a deeper connection and opens up to more productive conversation. Delve into their lives, and give them the rundown on market and industry news. Follow this up with a personal note, thanking them for taking the time to meet and reminding them that you’re always there if they have any questions.

When you work in this business, referrals are everything. Maintaining a connection with your clients after the sale is a sure way to instill loyalty, which is the ultimate goal for every agent.

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