Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – move aside! The next best social platform is Snapchat, and it’s taking the real estate industry by storm. While you might still be trying to catch up on the other accounts, Snapchat is reaching its peak. And you don’t want to miss out on all it has to offer.

Snapchat is a visual social media app that allows you to communicate with friends, and strangers, via picture and video chats. With over 100 million daily users, its unfiltered and raw features open up a whole new world of marketing and networking.

The following are the benefits of Snapchat, and tips on how to best utilize this platform!

Snapchat offers a great opportunity to connect with fellow agents. Whether you share the same city, or live on complete opposite sides of the world, connecting on this app is a piece of cake. The Onion Juice podcast links agents with one another with their #SnapPack! This form of networking will generate leads you would’ve never had the chance to get otherwise.

Snapchat doesn’t allow you to just capture your best moments, edit it and throw a filter on it to make it look perfect like Instagram does. Snaps allow real-time updates that are genuine and off the cuff. It’s hard to fake who you are on Snapchat. It captures your personality, lifestyle and humor in a way that makes you relatable to your viewers. Authenticity builds trust, which is key for making connections.

Communicating through text messages and comments are never as effective as face-to-face conversation. Snapchat gives you this genuine form of communication on-the-go, making it easier to feel connected, and form a deeper bond.

Promote Local Reach
Focus first on connecting with local agents and promoting yourself in your area with geo-tags on Snapchat. Geo-tags are programmed into Snapchat based on your location and allow you to show your followers where you are. Use these during open house promotions or during a walk-through. You can even create your own geo-tag to promote an open house! Once you’ve gained traction in your local market, expand your reach and business.

Be Yourself
You are constantly representing your work and brokerage when you’re in public, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a professional robot – show your followers who you really are. Don’t be afraid to snap the local craft beer you’re sipping on, or the concert you’re attending. Your followers don’t want another platform that simply shoves more ads in their face. Being yourself makes you relatable, and makes people feel more comfortable to approach you.

Don’t Neglect Your Social Accounts
While Snapchat is a great platform for you to promote your niche and discuss your expertise, it’s not a replacement for you other social media accounts. Keep a consistent schedule, and don’t quit blogging. Agents are constantly pressed for time; however, your online presence needs to be spread out across your channels so that you’re reaching the maximum number of potential clients.


It may seem easier to just stick to the basics when you feel overwhelmed with every new app that comes out, but if you embrace the new technology and make it work for you, you are guaranteed to stand out among your competition. For more tips, check out Ways to Maximize your Real Estate Website.