Success in the real estate business is all about the people you know – clients, agents, and other strategic partnerships. When you’re building your business, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers, such as how many leads are in your pipeline each month. However, it’s your approach to these relationships that will set your business apart. By focusing on quality over quantity, you open up the opportunity to create genuine and lasting relationships. That is why the key to building your business is making connections that count by investing in real relationships with real people.

Here are some tips for making and maintaining these connections:

Market Your Niche

Make yourself stand out among the crowd with your USP, or unique selling proposition. Every agent has a niche. Do you specialize in selling certain types of homes, are an expert in a certain location, or offer a particular service that most other agents don’t? Find out what sets you apart from your competitors and makes you a valuable resource. Commit to branding yourself in this way online and in-person.

Be an Asset

Instead of asking what someone can do for you, ask what you can do for them. Find out what someone wants and find a way to make it happen. People are naturally self-interested and are often seeking something specific from a relationship. At networking events, ask questions that allow you to discover an area in which that person could use assistance and use that as an opportunity to offer guidance. With your clients, find out what problems they’re running into during their home buying or selling process and offer solutions that only you can provide.

Stay Consistent

Stay consistent with your branding by using the same colors, logos, and taglines in all of your marketing efforts. Consistency builds trust, which is the foundation for any relationship. Ensuring that your marketing materials are consistent across platforms is key to establishing a reliable brand image. Our Design Team is here to help create a customized ad that represents your brand. You can send ad modification requests or ad updates directly to our team and can expect an email with your new ad within 1 – 2 business days.

Embrace Networking

Networking comes natural to most agents, but with a schedule as busy as yours, you don’t always have time to attend events. Investing in digital marketing campaigns that place your ads in front of interested and active buyers and sellers in your target market fosters brand recognition and allows you to build connections with members in your community without taking you away from spending time with your current clients. Think of Brand Marketing as online networking. People who see your ad online may recognize you at your child’s soccer game and strike up a conversation in-person. Always engage with members in your community, exchange numbers, and follow-up within 48 hours. This serves as a reminder that you’re invested in forming and maintaining a relationship.

Be More Interested than Interesting

Admit it. It feels good to talk about yourself. Real estate agents love to talk – about houses, about the market, and about themselves. However, you often can learn more from listening than you can from speaking. Improve your social networking skills by putting yourself in your clients’ shoes. Make them feel like the most important person in the room. Pay attention to your body language and always stay engaged and focused on the conversation at hand. These subtle acts go a long way in creating meaningful relationships.

The key to creating connections that count is nurturing your relationships beyond the computer screen. While it’s imperative to place yourself in front of interested and active home buyers and sellers online, it’s even more important to stay consistent to your brand when you’re interacting with people in the real world.